What is a DNS leak?

When using privacy service like WorldVPN, it is very important that all of your Internet traffic originating from your machine is routed through VPN network. If any traffic is leaked outside of the VPN connection to the network, any adversary monitoring the traffic will be able to log all your activity.

Domain Name System (DNS) is used to translate domainsinto a numerical IP addresses for instance which are required for routing data packets on the Internet. Whenever your device contacts a server on the world wide web, such as the entered URL in your browser, your computer send a request to a DNS server for the IP address. Most of the Internet Service Providers assign their controlled DNS servers to the customers and use it for logging and recording Internet activity made by you.

Sometimes, even when connected to the VPN network, the operating system resume to use default DNS servers instead of using the anonymous DNS servers.

How to solve the DNS leak?

1. Our custom application has a DNS leak protection feature implemented. when using our application, it will prevent your DNS from leaking.

2. Use Public DNS servers.

Google DNS servers:

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:

Mac: System Preferences ? Network ? Choose your network device ? Advanced ? DNS tab and type in the selected DNS server addresses. Please mind that you need to set DNS servers forALLyour network devices!

Linux: Network applet ? Edit Connections ?Edityour network device ? Ipv4 Settings ? ChooseAutomatic (DHCP) addresses onlyand add DNS servers in the textbox with every server address to be separated by a comma. Please mind that you need to set DNS servers forALLyour network devices!

You can check your DNS leak at theDNS leak test webpage.

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